A limited edition, archival quality giclee reproduction of an ink drawing from Jo's  'Thicket' series. Enjoy all the rich colours of Jo's original handpainted ink drawing thanks to the stunning quality of this print.


This series was inspired by impenetrable bramble thickets with their arching stems & dancing layers of plant life.  Jo painted every mark with her fingers - carefully making use of the pads & tips of her fingers to create marks of different weight. Whilst carefuly applying ink Jo allowed each to bleed into those around it, complimenting the flow of the composition & imbuing the image with an organic liveliness. 


Product Information 

Prints are supplied unmounted, with sturdy backing board & measure X x X

Bespoke framed print is available & measures X x X x X 

Price includes postage 

Framed work will be thoroughly wrapped, packaged & sent by courier

'Thicket' Limited Edition Print