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Each set contains a limited edition Kurinuki Raku pot by David Helm & an accompanying booklet of Drawing Activities by Jo Blaker. 


Kurinuki means to hollow or carve out & is the name given to vessels carved from clay (rather than thrown on a wheel, made by coiling or slab building). This method creates unique, one of a kind pieces. The kurinuki in this edition has also been Raku fired. This is an organic firing process that also imbues the surface of each piece with details that cannot be replicated. This kurinuki, a miniature treasure, was made by David Helm, a Huddersfield based potter. 


The process David uses, creates vessels, no more than 8cm high, with an array of qualities which offer rich potential for drawing. The exercises provided in the booklet have been written in response to David's Kurinuki & will guide you through a range of drawing experiences. They are suitable for drawers of any level & can be worked through at any pace. They can also be revisited a number of times. We hope these exercises will help you slow down, engage mindful awareness as an observer & as a drawer & rouse your curiosity & creativity. No specialist equipment is needed. We take inspiration from the nature of kurinuki & raku themselves & seek to embrace imperfection & the surprises that occurr in the drawing process. 


You can watch a few clips of David making these pots on the Reels tab of my Instagram account. 


The Kurinuki range in size. They are between 5 - 6cm wide & 6 - 8cm tall. 

They will come wrapped & individually boxed, along with each drawing booklet. 


KuriNuki Drawing Set

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