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This is a recording of Jo's zoom event Draw Along Yorkshire Dales 

Recording expires 1st May 2024 


You will receive a PDF containing the url & pasword to access your recording. 


Please contact me in the event of any issues accessing this - 


Event details: 



Draw Along sessions are less structured and contain less 'teaching' than workshops. I'll be drawing with you and you'll watch me as I play, problem solve and improvise along the way - all while having a go yourself. This gives us all the freedom to play and explore alongside each other. Its a lovely way to learn!


In this session we’ll use photographs I took on a recent trip to the Yorkshire Dales as our source material for free range sketching in any media. Expect moody March skies, farm houses, country lanes, bare branches, dry stone walls & maybe a lamb or two! The images used will present opportunities to practice key elements of sketching such as proportion, texture and depth of field.

I share thoughts on the locations & landscapes as we draw.

This session will involve quick, timed warm up sketches & build towards lengthier sketches. Be prepared to start with fast and frantic scribbles!


You are welcome to work in any media, at any scale. As we’ll produce multiple sketches you might like to ensure you have a plentiful supply of paper.


Draw Along Yorkshire Dales Recording

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