'This too shall pass" is a saying that reminds us everything will change. That is something we can rely on. The good times & the bad - they'll all pass. The cloud motif is taken from mindfulness practice, in which we are encouraged to view our thoughts as clouds, passing through our mind. We notice them, let them exist & then let them go. Through this practice we are able to create space between our thoughts & our responses. 


Bring this idea into your home with this screen printed cushion. Printed on unbleached cotton & stuffed with 100% wool its a natural product perfect for a rustic home. The vivid blue of this design ensures it will stand out against a crowded sofa, bed or arm chair. It is big enough to cuddle but small enough to tuck under one arm comfortably. The motto features on both sides, in Jo's hand lettering on a textured background. 


This item is a friendly reminder - for each and every day - that with time everything changes. 


Each cushion is stuffed with 100% wool, meaning it is not suitable for washing. Spot clean with a damp cloth.


Mindful Cloud Cushion

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