Be like Jo, take a concertina sketchbook for a walk (even a very, very short one!) and use it to record all the shapes you find. Jo likes to look at the different shapes of leaves - and finds many, many different shapes on very short walks, by looking closely. These resources have been created with children aged 3+ in mind. They will lend themselves well to snippets of engagement, as well as more sustained periods of time - whatever suits you/your family. 


a Little Book of Leaf Shapes 

To help engage children in discovering this variety of shape Jo has created & illustrated 'a Little Book of Leaf Shapes'. It contains a range of different prompts - starting by using children's own bodies as a way to look at size. The prompts offer a structure which support looking for different features - but are open ended, so your own discoveries can be celebrated too! It also contains space for children to add their own drawings.


Concertina sketchbook & Recording activities 


Children might find drawing the things they see difficult. To sustain their interest you can use a range of other techniques to record the shapes you find. In this resource Jo shares ideas for 6 alternative techniques, all using common materials. You will need 2 or 3 sheets of paper to make a sketchbook. 


This resource contains:  



  • Step by step instructions to help you prepare your own concertina books 
  • Step by step instructions for a range of recording activities to try with children 
  • An illustrated 8 page booklet designed to offer a variety of prompts to engage children in looking at nature more closely 



Leaf Spotting Activity


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