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Winter Warmer Workshops

I'm pleased to say I've created some brand new creative workshops to get you relaxed & feeling festive this month & next! The first workshop is a Festive Lantern session, creating stunning decorative lanterns using paint pens, templates and glass jars. I am a complete candle addict & I love shadows - perhaps that is where this idea came from!

The session will be structured around playing with a range of original winter motifs, created especially for this workshop. Templates at a range of sizes will allow you to explore combinations, patterns & effects - who knows, perhaps you'll feel inspired to draw & use some of your own!

We'll prepare all jars, then tape our templates inside the jars, enabling us to concentrate purely on tracing the design onto the glass. You'll perfect your technique, ensuring no dribbles! And the brave can try the reduction technique - where we scratch illustrations out of solid blocks of colour (white).

All lanterns will be varnished, ready to transport or wrap - to be enjoyed at home or as gifts.

Book your tickets here:

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