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The Oak Spoke workshop

Photographs documenting 'The Oak Spoke - Myth, Natural Ink & Wild Drawing' - a collaboration with ink-maker & story-teller Hannah-May Batley.

Location - Cliffe House (Shepley, Huddersfield) on Saturday 12th November 2022

This day-long outdoor session consisted of 3 parts - listening to an ancient myth, learning how to make inks from Oak Galls & Elderberries & drawing with natural inks & charcoal in the woodland. Our drawings activities focused on concepts found in the myth & in the lives of the oak & other trees. Participants drew collaboratively & individually, with a range of natural & improvised tools, on a range of surfaces - including the woodland floor & against tree trunks themselves. The aim of this day was to offer a space for reconnection to self, creativity & nature.


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