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Primary Drawing Workshop - Ink Nests

A child taking part in a Primary Drawing Workshop applies ink to an expressive sketchbook page
A child adds the finishing touches to their expressive ink drawing of a birds nest

It was a pleasure to return to Gomersal Primary School recently to deliver the Ink Nest Drawing workshop which was such a hit with students last year. These sessions were planned to give children an opportunity to destress prior to their SATs through creative expression.

In this workshop children are introduced to a variety of tools for ink drawing & are encouraged to explore the mark making potential of these tools in their sketchbooks. This results in beautifully varied & personal sketchbook pages, where we can see children have been curious & developed confidence in handling a range of tools.

Children are then introduced to the subject matter & take part in guided drawing to explore the process for developing their nest drawings. These are executed in pencil.

These concepts are then applied to working with ink. Children incorporate wax resists & apply all their learning about creating tone, applying ink & the textural quality of different tools to create unique nest drawings.

In 2022 AccessArt commissioned Jo & Gomersal Primary Art Teacher Mandy Barrett to produce a resource on this workshop. View the resource here -

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