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A page from 'The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark' written by Jill Tomlinson & illustrated by Joanne Cole

A page from a book on Greek history & culture featuring an Owl icon

A postcard reproduction of 'Evening Owl' by Eckalook Goo

A watercolour painting 'Bay Owl', from an album of 51 drawings & birds, 1824

Taken from my collection of printed material - here are 4 of my favourite Owl images. It is thought that we identify with owls, as they have large, forward facing eyes, a bit like our human faces. I think I'm drawn to these images for the way they depict something quite unlike us though - wild, piercing eyes. I am inspired by the stories & images that accompany the owl's place in human culture across the world and years & I tried to inject some of this magical history into the owl of my own designs.

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