New Perpetual Calendar Colour Way

The first of many new things to come from Jo in 2021 - the new edition of the Little Treasures Calendar is now available! The re-print of this popular design is once again on delightfully smooth recycled paper, but this time features Burgundy, Teal, Gold & Blue risograph inks. As a perpetual calendar you can start using this at any point in the year. It makes a handy calendar to keep track of birthdays & other recurring special events.

For each month of the year Jo has taken care to chose a tiny natural treasure, which will be easily found throughout the UK (with the exception of March's sea-shell!)

The calendar also features tick lists for budding collectors to record their finds! Once you start looking, with any luck, you'll never stop - nature has more than a life-time's worth of delights for us all to enjoy. May we all enjoy them even more over the coming year.