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Free Autumn Fun this Half Term

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

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Are you looking for things to do with the kids this half term? I've got some great creative & nature based activities to share! Autumn is a great time of year to get our with the kids & discover something or somewhere new.

At this time of year our woodlands are particularly exciting places for children. They become a highly sensory environment, with the crunch of dry leaves underfoot, the rustle of wind in branches, the squelching of mud or the splashing of puddles. And the treasures! there are fascinating natural forms all around, often within reach of & very pleasing to small hands. As you can tell - I love a visit to the woods, & enjoy the sights, sounds, smells - every sense!

This love for woodlands inspired me, back in 2005, as a degree student - to create an illustrated resource for children, to help them record & express their experiences of connecting with nature in woodlands.

The Woodland Log Book is fun & lighthearted, & suitable for using to document a trip to the woods - however large or small those woods are, no matter how urban or rural! A series of humorous, illustrated pages offer places for children to record all sorts of information about their trip to the woods. Whilst it does encourage noticing, it isn't in-depth or educational in this sense. This is suitable for children who are reading & writing.

Having gained *a lot more* experience since 2005 I might do this differently now! However, I think it is still something worth sharing, so here it is - a free, downloadable PDF, kids activity for you to use this October half term. Let me know if you have a go - I'd love to hear how you get on!

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