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Drawing the Seasons - Winter Life Drawing

These photographs document 'Drawing The Seasons - Winter Life Drawing', held at Globe Arts in Slaithwaite, in February 2023. Participants began working with charcoal on paper, responding to & recording the natural forms found towards the end of Winter.

Drawing from the model we explored the concept of the push & pull of the elements in the last flush of Winter.

An artist stands to the left of a floor based easel in a life drawing workshop
Drawing over charcoal sketches of seasonal foliage

One of the unique opportunities these sessions offer is the chance to combine drawings of seasonal foliage & other natural forms with those of the human figure. This presents an exciting challenge & often produces surprising results.

Working on black paper produced vibrant drawings exploring the layering of marks & points of tension in the figure.

Above - Drawings by Fiona Sharp

Above - Drawing by Sophie Cooper

Above left to right - Drawings by Fiona Sharp, Sophie Cooper & Diana Terry

Thanks to the following artists for the permission to share these images of their drawings:

Fiona Sharp, Diana Terry, Sophie Cooper, Annie Dearman, Jane Smith, Annie Roche

For more information on upcoming classes at Globe Arts please visit:


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