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Collection Stories: Owls

Giclee print, gift wrap & card from Jo Blaker's Owls collection

I love owls. Images of them, reading about them, & of course, encounters with them. Who doesn’t?! They proliferate in illustration so why produce another owl card/print/gift-wrap? I saw an owl, in flight, over the door in our front room. This owl was a guide. A protective force, but one with a bit of magic and dazzle. One who could assist with creativity. I wanted to communicate the magic of owls, and their special place in many cultures as protectors and guides. The owl of my design is intended to offer a source of hope, a sense of power, and to put a little twinkle in your eye. A cheeky, secret smile. A confidence to enter into the realm of your dreams, to dare, to be courageous! I hand embroidered a selection of these owls as Christmas presents for children last year & I have a few other applications for this design in mind. The colour way I chose was intended to evoke the owl’s nocturnal nature, whilst still radiating friendliness. It was also an attempt at moving away from my favoured palette - featuring orange. Although it did look great! This design was developed in sketchbooks & then executed as a paper cut, providing smooth lines & the blocks of colour.

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