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Collection Stories: Cosy Home

Greetings cards, notebook & giftwrap from Jo Blaker's Cosy Home collection

Did you spot the familiar shape of children’s building blocks in these designs? This collection sprung from a specific design problem - how to design a birthday card for a male friend, in his 50s, who as a carer, home-maker, baker, wood-worker and uber-allotment gardener appreciates the simple pleasures in life. Now, as a big fan of play, and bold colours, children’s building blocks are always available for visitors at our house, young and old. As I played, experimenting with stamping these simple wooden shapes, I thought about many friends who have these same interests. These, I have named the Cosy Home-rs. People like you and me, who like nothing better than making a home environment that is warm, welcoming and relaxing. Where the kettle is on, the candles are lit and there’s a stack of books waiting to be read. I find it hard to buy greetings cards, especially for men, that celebrate this kind of living. These designs combine a rich colour palette with textural wood block prints & hand drawn illustrations to evoke a comforting feeling of warmth. The perfect collection for those who love the simple pleasures of home. I hope the Cosy Home collection offers a way to send your wishes with warmth, love and snuggly cosiness!

I love blankets, tea pots, house plants, candles, hand turned wooden bowls and hand made ceramics. I am a Cosy Home-r!

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