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Barriers to Sketchbook Practice - free zoom talk, 27/02/21

Join artist & educator Jo Blaker for an informal talk about sketchbook practice. This isn't a 'how to draw' class. In this talk Jo will share examples from 20 years of sketchbook practice, to illustrate the many things that can prevent us from drawing as much as we'd like to. Jo will share practical tips you can put into action immediately & inspiring quotes & images. This talk focuses primarily on observational drawing practice.

This talk is suitable anyone who...

  • would like to enjoy benefits of sketchbook practice such as - increased creativity & creative confidence, relaxation, deeper connection to their surroundings & a therapeutic space in which to externalise thoughts & emotions

  • hasn't done much drawing but would like to

  • has done loads of drawing but is stuck in a rut

  • hates the idea of sketchbooks but wants to be more creative

  • teaches students using sketchbooks

  • is a student & required to create sketchbooks

Previous attendants have said:

Thanks ever so much for the zoom. I’ve been doing 5/10 min sketches everyday and it’s really helping my mental health. I dabble in a bit of arty stuff as a hobby but I’m a complete novice with sketching. Your zoom gave me the confidence to get started with it after wanting to for so long but feeling silly. I’m really enjoying it and see it as the start of a lifelong journey now - Sarah

Just wanted to say a massive thanks again for your time and wisdom last week. Your words and encouragement have really helped me to identify and push back against some of the barriers that had stopped me from making art. Since your workshop I've actually gone for a walk in the woods and made sketches and done some drawing from observation in my house - after months of having so many regular intentions to be creative but not fulfilling any this has been a huge breakthrough and I think is really down to you! - Chloe

Register here:

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