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Photographs documenting 'Drawing The Seasons - Studio Drawing' workshops, held at Jo Blaker's studio in Slaithwaite, in early November 2022.

In this 3 hour workshop, participants worked on collaborative floor drawings as well as producing their own piece on paper. The inspiration came from dried seasonal foliage from both the garden & the way-side. Processes explored included fragmentation, erasure & layering. materials included conte crayon, soft pastel, pencil & natural inks. The limitations of space in Jo's studio creates an intimate atmosphere & requires very small group sizes - which we think results in a very supportive experience for drawers of all levels.

Photos documenting the first 'Drawing The Seasons - Life Drawing' workshop at Globe Arts in Slaithwaite, October 2022. This new format brought together observational drawing of natural forms, with life drawing from the model. Seasonal themes & phenomena were translated into approaches to drawing, materials for drawing & poses held by the model. Every artist responded to the prompts in their own way & over the course of the day produced unique bodies of work.

Thanks to Globe Arts for hosting this workshop - sign up to Jo's newsletter to hear about our next instalment of this new Life Drawing experience!

'Curl' mixed media drawing by Jo Blaker

'Murmuration' mixed media drawing by Jo Blaker

Photographs documenting 'The Oak Spoke - Myth, Natural Ink & Wild Drawing' - a collaboration with ink-maker & story-teller Hannah-May Batley.

Location - Cliffe House (Shepley, Huddersfield) on Saturday 12th November 2022

This day-long outdoor session consisted of 3 parts - listening to an ancient myth, learning how to make inks from Oak Galls & Elderberries & drawing with natural inks & charcoal in the woodland. Our drawings activities focused on concepts found in the myth & in the lives of the oak & other trees. Participants drew collaboratively & individually, with a range of natural & improvised tools, on a range of surfaces - including the woodland floor & against tree trunks themselves. The aim of this day was to offer a space for reconnection to self, creativity & nature.

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